Steps to obtain an international barcode from Mira Technology, the international barcode agent in Yemen:-

-1, Contact us and provide us with the most important basic requirements that must be met, as follows:-
The basic requirements that must be provided for the acquisition of international barcodes from Mira Technology International Barcode, an exclusive and accredited agent for the American International Barcode Company in the Republic of Yemen:-
· A copy of the company’s commercial register in the event of a request to register the barcode in the name of the company or entity.
· A copy of the ID card in the event of a request to register the barcode with the civil or personal name of the card holder.
· The name of the company/destination is in English as you wish to register it as an owner of the acquired international barcode.
· The email through which the barcode and its attachments will be sent to you.
. Determine the number of barcodes you want to purchase depending on the different products you have (type, number, size and shape).
· Finally, complete the payment process.

2, Once the payment process is completed, your order will be processed, your international barcodes will be generated, and sent within the email that you will attach to the order.

Here, the barcodes generated by your ownership and your intentions with them become as follows:-
• 100% legitimate international unique numbers and originated from the UCC (now GS1 US).
• We provide a certificate of guarantee and transfer of ownership proving that you are the sole owner of your barcode numbers in the world.
• We provide barcode images in different formats JPEG, EPS and PDF, with high resolution and presence.
• We provide barcode numbers in EXCEL and PDF formats.
• We offer the international types of barcodes EAN-13 (European Barcode) and UPC-12 (US Barcode) with one purchase value.

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