Steps to use your barcode

Steps to use your barcode

If you ordered “Barcode Package(s)” from us you will receive your retail barcode via email with the barcode images in several different formats. Once you have your barcode you can begin using it easily and immediately by following the simple steps below.


1. Incorporate the barcode image into your product packaging or design

Choose whichever barcode image format (e.g. jpeg) you prefer.

Resize the image to fit into your product packaging. Please keep in mind our ‘Barcode Specifications‘. Standard size (for EAN-13 or UPC-A barcodes) is about 38mm wide x 25mm high. The smallest recommended size is 80% of standard size – ie. about 30mm wide x 20mm high. If you print your barcode smaller than this some retailers won’t accept it.

If you are placing your barcode on a curved surface, e.g. a bottle, the orientation of your barcode is very important – the barcode should be rotated so it looks like a ladder (instead of like a fence), so that the edges of the barcode don’t wrap around the curve.

If you want to print your barcode in a different colour combination (instead of black bars on a white background),

You can then incorporate the image into your product packaging in an easily visable flat location (to ensure ease of scanning). You could also have the barcode printed onto adhesive labels to be manually applied to your product.

2. Print your packaging

Always check your label artwork BEFORE printing your product packaging. Check that the barcode numbers are correct, and that the barcode image being printed is still high quality and within the official size range. Changes and errors can occur at many stages in the process, so it is important to check the artwork thoroughly before printing.

Once you’re happy with your barcode, it is a good idea to do a sample print and check that the barcode is the right size, and prints and scans correctly.

If your retailer asks you to get a barcode verification report, you will need to post us a sample of your printed barcode (on the label or packaging) to us for verification.

3. Send your product to your retailers

Once you’re printed your product packaging, the next step is to send the products to your retailers.

It is at this stage that the barcode gets connected to the product. When the barcode is scanned into a retailer’s system for the first time, no product information shows up. The retailer needs to enter the product and price information into their system. After that, whenever the barcode is scanned in that retail store the correct product information appears.

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